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"Astral Sailors: Transcendence" is the Sci-Fi setting for Amygdala Games universe in which stories, adventures, RPG games, wargames and boardgames will be placed.

Astral Sailors is the name of the Elite force deployed globally and in extra-terrestrial outposts, space ships and worlds. They were created by Anshur, the private mega-corporation that was in charge of the military development of Planet Earth for extra-terrestral missions and defense since its foundation in 2375 CE until its dismantling in 2460 CE, post CEOs War. Then and now, with evolving points of view, Astrals purpose was to colonize new worlds, neutralize external foes, defend Earth and the colonies from outer space threats, etc-. For this tasks, Anshur developed and improved them during decades, a force  that grew from a platoon-sized unit to a number of several Regiments, enought to be later formed into legions and be the base components of a former and autonomous extra-terrestral army leaded by the Global United Nations Defense Command.


Present days size and complexity of the Astral Sailors converted them in the fifth branch (fourth is Extra-Terrestral Spaceforce) of the Global United Nations Army, composed by genetically improved and neurologically isolated soldiers, now in their 3rd generation of biological and technological innovations.


"Astral Sailors: Transcendence" takes us to the years 2.500 and up, a point in history where the humankind, throught the Astral Sailors missions, has had contact with intelligent species from other galaxies, discovered microscopic lifeforms and viruses in desolated worlds and colonized planets outside the Solar System in search of resources and habitable worlds. Each of these events have brought -in a positive or negative way- stimulous to keep preparing, adapting and evolving to stay alive, staying in homeostasis through this race of universal survival where running away, retreating and hiding -as species- is not an option, is, sooner or later ANIHILATION.